The Ultimate Postpartum Recovery List

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The Domestic Four

Yesterday I did a quick glance over the list of things I need to acquire for our son. I then looked at the calendar and realized that I am, in fact, approaching my due date with rapid speed. Actually, I’m only 120 days out to be exact. Now, with my daughter I swear my pregnancy moved at a glacial pace. This one? Heck no. I could have sworn that I peed on the stick last week.

Well, the belly is popping and my daughter is approaching her 1 year mark (meaning the bottles are gone [her choice] and the binkies are about to fly to the moon) … It is time to start newborn baby prep!

First things first I’m going to warn you about something … I don’t see childbearing as this magical, sacred, wonderful thing. I am a Christian and I believe to my very core that it…

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Waiting on Sweet Caroline <3

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We are expecting a baby girl February 17th 2014, my fathers birthday! We will be naming her Caroline Victoria, & she will be perfect! A little about our experience with pregnancy.. We lost our first baby April 2013 i was only about 8 weeks pregnant but it was still hard to know that i let something die inside of me, when deep down i knew it was not my fault! But God brought us threw that tough time! June 4th 2013 my aunt called me and said go take a pregnancy test, i replied i have not missed a period i do not think i am pregnant why should i go get a test? She says just do it now and call me back as soon as you take it. Okay so i did and there we have it that’s the day i found out that God blessed us yet again, & this time i just knew everything would work out PERFECT so here i am 7 weeks away from having a sweet baby girl!

All about Nikki!

Nikki, yes that’s me!

I am a whole 22 years old, i make a birthday wish ever year on May 16th!  I am Daughter to my Sweet loving mother and father, my father is with Jesus, he passed away on March 22 2008, seems like yesterday! I am a sister to 2 brothers 2 sisters a step sister and a step brother, we have a big size family, holidays are heck-tick! I am a wife to the most amazing man! I am soon to be a mother to Caroline Victoria! I work a normal job with normal pay! I love photography i am just starting out but hey, you have to start somewhere right? I have a awesome Dog, Hoss is his name! I am pretty much your average married 22 year old girl my life is all about my husband and daughter on the way & Hoss of course!


My Husband & Me!

God blessed me with a wonderful husband, i could not be more happy with what God has planned for us now & down the road into our future!

Dustin & i meet in August 2012 at a wedding, little did we know we would be married not even a year later. We bought a house in March 2013 & we got married on April 2nd 2013!